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USHR is derived from 'to usher': to show or guide someone somewhere. We're positioning ourselves as the ushers of the labour market. We'll guide you from discovery through exploration to the deal. While our approach remains the same, we'll radically personalise every process. Tailored to our two stakeholders: candidates and companies.

Our values innovation, transparance and accountability matter to us. In every interaction with our ushers, we'll make sure to live and breathe these. Contrary to popular belief on the labour market, we'll focus on the future more than the past. Tell us your professional goals, ambitions and dreams. As ushers, it is our job to guide you there.


One thing you won't ever find on our jobsite: vacancies. We prefer to introduce you to your potential future colleagues over (often) generic job descriptions. Have a look at what motivates our customer's employees, what turns them off. How they describe their job and the skills they find important and how they rank themselves in those. If you decide to apply. We'll expect you to tell us how you compliment on all of this. None of our customers is looking to clone their staff.

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We are a tech first IT recruitment firm. Each and every usher is driven by technology, innovation and creation.


We're as human as you are. We'll make mistakes. You're allowed to hold us accountable for them and approach our ushers if you believe they dropped a beat.


Prefered communication style: open, direct and transparant. We'll do what we say and say what we'll do.

Our Process


This is where you talk and we listen. Things we'll want to know: what are your ambitions? What gives you energy? Why do you like to do specific tasks? How would you define your perfect job?


Armed with the information from our intake, we'll search through our network of 500+ companies looking for potential fits. Each hit will be personally discussed with you with your usher.


So you decided which of our clients you'd like to meet. This is where we take a step back to let you shine. We'll make sure to help you remember that talking to our clients is a two-way street: be sure to ask as much as you answer!


Throughout the whole process, your usher will be following-up from the background. Available for you and our client at every moment, only letting go when you put your signature on a contract.

Frequently asked questions...

What is a silhouette?

A silhouette offers you everything you need to know about a job: it's a creative description of one of your future colleagues. It's how they're looking at their function, the skills they use every day and to which extend they believe they master them.

It's an honest format. You'll read the things that motivate people working in the job you want at our company, what turns them off and the values they live by.

Are the people behind the silhouettes real people?

Absolutely. They're your actual future colleagues. Even more: we've asked them to build their own silhouette. No managers involved who make up skills and years of experience they think someone needs to have in order to be able to perform well.

So what happens when I apply?

You'll be contacted by one of our ushers. At the silhouette page, you'll always find the 'responsible usher' for the job opening. Our ushers are part of our customer's family. Expect an open and transparant conversation both about the technical aspects of the job and the company culture.


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