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ZinderLabs was founded in 2018 by people who both embrace the need for sound software engineering as the creativity of web-technology. We are a place where Clean Coders, DDD-believers and Java(Script)-maniacs practice their craft. Let’s say: Expert Software Engineering meets Creative Web-Technology. We are blending the more experienced and serious world of software engineering with the creative, “everything’s possible” approach of web-technology.

Currently our team consists for 10 positive-minded enthusiasts who help our clients with getting valuable software products as fast as possible in the hands of real users. Our clients range from startups to more established organizations; companies who understand that web-technology can help them in building new and engaging digital experiences for their customers. We help with implementation, analysis, coaching and audits.

Usually, in our projects, we stand out as being “the clean coders” and because we co-create with our clients in a pragmatic way instead of offering fixed solutions.

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